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VÖGELE extension boxes are highly sought after and versatile pieces of kit.

These bolt-on extensions allow for any size of paver to be increased to the desired size.

The extensions are available for all "dash 3" Mini, Midi and Standard VÖGELE's. 























We can currently only supply extensions to the AB500 screeds on the universal class pavers in TV format.

The 1800-3i can be extended to the maximum width of 8.5m, however please be aware that the 1600-3i only has a maximum width of 7.5m, and the wheeled version of both of these standards are 0.5m less respectively. 

250mm extensions would require no further additions for operation, however if extending up to 500mm then auger entensions would be required. If you would like to use the 750mm or 1250mm extensions then included would also be the correct auger extension, baffles and bracket extensions.

*Please note the wheeled pavers maximum width is 0.5m less than the tracked. 



















Click here to view VÖGELE Extension Box PDF download